In Everything That I Do

the air is cold
against my skin
thoughts of you
warm my soul

beauty illuminated
by a single flower
drifting slowly by me
falling from oblivion

as I walk this path
my feet crunch on snow
I imagine my destination, eternal
pay mind to the ground beneath

I look up, up until I can no more
indigo fills my sight
I close my eyes and see
shooting stars shooting about

we have yet to meet
perhaps we should not
here in the snow
I think I have said that before

I continue my path
cannot help but wonder
in everything that I do
am I just walking to you?

it is bitter, this wind
but I am comforted
I huddle deeper into layers
imagining it is you

. . . .
* with inspiration from beethoven’s 6th symphony and lines from “walking to you” by everything but the girl.


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