Last night Leonor and I met out in the road for a smoke at about 1. This boy she knows came by and told us to come jump in the huge pile of leaves out on main lawn with him. We did. Played and jumped in and buried each other and did flips and found things hidden (two bowls, a cell phone, and a shoe) and laughed and screamed and burrowed and talked under the cloudy dark sky. I hate being so nocturnal — it was the first time in a long time I’d felt that good, that energetic (without Guinness, that is). I think the boy started to like me after he found out I was in an episode of the Upright Citizens Brigade (he actually saw it!, and didn’t believe me at first ;)). Leonor and I talked about the other boy and I said how the more close encounters I had — the more I saw him talk and move and interact — the less I liked him. “He just has to remain stoic; frozen. Then, he is beauty personified.” My knee had some issues and I had leaves in the strangest of places and it was grand :). I breathed crisp clean air and was at peace. I wanted to sleep there and would have only for the slug warning and the cold. I hadn’t played in or even seen a pile of leaves in so long, and in one that big, even longer, if ever. I recommend it. It’s good for the soul.


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