San Francisco Mime Troupe

from an email to my mom…

now i am inspired to tell you about MY adventure last weekend… starting on thursday, halloween. for theatre class we had to attend this workshop that the san francisco mime troupe was running. they were on tour, and we were a stop along the way (in between kent state uni and indianapolis). it started at 7, and i felt like shit, but went anyway. it was awesome, though sore as hell and with a mild pulled muscle the next day, i felt much better afterwards. we did a lot of weird theatre games (all theatre games are weird), much like the ones i’ve been doing in class all semester, but these were cooler ;). and the 2 guys from the troupe — amos and victor — rocked.

afterwards, they were telling us about internships they run out in frisco, year-round but the performing one during the summer, when they begin to put together and perform their show (they do one every year). i talked with them individually afterwards and they were somewhat familiar with our co-op program, and could definitely work with us on requirements for it. for example, their internship is 20 hours a week, and when i said the requirement was for 35, they said i could always do office work for the additional 15. (much of the internship is an intensive workshop they do, which is for trade — each hour of the workshop means an hour you do work for them, like setting up shows and whatnot.)

then they told us about the show in indianapolis, which i’d heard about earlier this term and wanted to go to (part of the reason being that i wanted to go to a city and i’d never been there before :)). they said they’d probably be able to get us comps, if not a discount, and said they’d call lousie (head of the theatre deptartment) with the details in the morning once they got to the city.

the next day i had theatre class and lousie gave us directions (which were, in fact, the troupe’s directions from kent state to indianapolis, which i thought was cool (most of the route is interstate-70 which we’re right off of, if you remember)). this kid billy from my women’s studies class also attended the workshop, he’s got a car and said he’d drive us.

saturday. we met up in the evening and drove over there (hooray for long-ass highway drives that yield little more than open fields! talk about perspective-shift, the world is so bloody big from my wee ri mindset.) the venue was actually about a half hour from downtown, and we drove right past the city on the way… i marveled and oogled at a REAL CITY, even if it was indianapolis ;).

we got to the venue, and discovered they’d left us 8 comps, aw! (on thursday they said they only had 3.) 3 other antiochians were there as well. we took our seats and the show began. yes, it rocked :). tis called “mr. smith goes to obscuristan,” and is a satire of the sept. 11th aftermath, fixed elections, oil, dubya, the works ;). (hooray for socialists, or rather, from their web site, “we uphold socialist ideals,” which i think is a great way of identifying without labeling.) it was a musical done in gilbert and sullivan style. i’d seen part of it the previous day, because the troupe had left us some tapes and in theatre class we watched that one. (i’m going to try to borrow it so you can see :).)

after the show we hung around and said hey to amos and victor. talked more about my wanting to co-op with them. victor was telling me that a lot of what i would be doing was this — pointing behind him, where a bunch of people were breaking down the stage. i said, “that’s fine! i love being a runner!” “really?” “oh yeah! every theatre i’ve worked with loves me, because i’m like, ‘yay grunt work!'” “well! you are definitely mime troupe material!” we left afterwards, promising to be in touch. i bought a pin for a dollar on the way out, too cheap for a tee shirt or cd.

i am in the process of looking into co-oping with the troupe. they offer “limited housing” but many don’t pay, which is an issue. then i asked this woman from the co-op office about doing 2 jobs for the 35 hours, if that would be ok, and she said yeah. so i could work for troupe for 20 hours and bartend or something for 15… wouldn’t that rock!


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