There is so much unattainable beauty in the world.

. . . .

What are you up to?

finding love and human connection in the strangest of places. wondering if i should become a recluse again. you know, the usual. ;)

Regarding love and the human connection, I try to enjoy my interactions with people as much as possible when those rare moments occur. I believe that ultimately we are alone and this is inherent in the human condition. However, there are great moments of sharing (e.g., when we were at the bonfire) that help to ease the moments of existential lonliness. Thus I anticipate the rare moments, revel in them when they occur, and also enjoy the thought that I’ll be able to return to them in my mind in future instances where there is a void.

yeah, i tend to agree with you. and i don’t think loneliness is necessarily bad. that’s the thing. i’ve always preferred it. i’m new to the whole “people” thing. it’s weird to appreciate things you never have. like suddenly you like mushrooms when you hated them your whole life. you eat them but you find it strange and unnerving when you’re eating them. and sometimes they overwhelm you, a new, positive sensation. does that make sense? i always try to use analogies for things because i never feel like i can explain myself in terms of my own brain and thinking processes.


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