Cedar Point!

Cedar Point! Last Saturday we went to Cedar Point! ‘Twas Catriona’s trip, Dylan and Elizabeth went and a bunch of others I didn’t know. There were about a dozen of us. For those of you who don’t know, Cedar Point — “America’s Roller-Coast!” — is in Sandusky, Ohio on a peninsula of Lake Erie (it was so nice to see water again, I pretended it was the ocean!). It is home to the tallest roller-coaster in the country, second tallest in the world — also to what was the tallest in the country before this new one. The biggest one, the Millennium Force, is over 300 feet tall and the second, the Magnum, was the first to break the 200-foot barrier. They were both fantastic.

On the excruciatingly slow climb to the top of the Magnum I started to actually get scared, for the first time that day (we’d gone on a good 5 or 6 coasters before that). I said to my front-seat neighbor, “I don’t think I can manage the bigger one!”

Of course, as soon as we dropped, the fear was accompanied by pure adrenaline rush and upon existing I said excitedly, “Let’s-go-on-the-bigger-one!”

On the trek to the top of the Millennium, I started screaming — “This is so stupid! Why would anyone pay money for this?!”

Getting off, of course — “Let’s-do-it-again!”

I am such a fright dork…

It was so much fun. We were there for well over 12 hours… I bonded with fellow fright dorks, ate cheese fries, drank malts, waited in line for about half our time there, got plenty testosterone-pumped, ragged on chicken shits for not sitting in the front of the scariest rides, fell from dizzying heights, and got knocked around painfully from every angle. Fantastic indeed! Let’s-do-it-again!


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