“Dreams are, for a time, your only reality. And then, all at once, they are gone.”


“For many years I have lived alone, within the four grey walls of this narrow room, the tremulous silence intermittedly broken by the tube trains which cut through the tar-black night with their cargo of ghostly, pallid faces, as if in relentless, heartbroken pursuit of something lost a long time ago, just as the peaceful harmony which once pervaded my entire being has been bitterly wrested from me.”

–Patrick McCabe, Mondo Desperado, “The Hands Of Dingo Deery”

“Sure, as long as I have a few pounds in my pocket and have the few pints at night, what’s the use in complaining?”

–Patrick McCabe, Mondo Desperado, “The Boils Of Thomas Gully”

“All I’m going to do is – classes, service, work. That’s it.”
“And drink beer.”

–I and Seth


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