Fare-Thee-Well Part Two

I said good-bye to Dave today. I didn’t even know that’s what I was doing until it was happening. Because he left today for the weekend and tomorrow’s my last day at work… and as he said, “You probably won’t want to come in next week and work.” It was a quick good-bye – No Sappiness Required – but afterwards it hit me pretty hard. Little things have been doing that lately; I’m finally beginning to realize, in all realms of my brain, that I’m actually going.

. . . .

I went to the library this evening, to pick up Pride And Prejudice which was on hold for me. (For the sake of argument, I’m going to call the librarians 1, 2, and 3 as I don’t know their names.) 1 and 2 were at the counter and 1 checked me out as usual, and I said I was going to watch it all tonight (it’s the A&E version, just over five hours).

2: All tonight?
I (laughs): No, this is an all-week thing.
1: Well, you’ve got till next Saturday.
Me: Perfect. I’m moving next Saturday.
2: To where? New Orleans?
Me: No; that’s random!
1: We had a guy come in yesterday who checked out a bunch of stuff, and then said, “I’m moving to New Orleans next week!”
Me: Watch out for him!
1 (gesturing to my 6 tapes): Look who’s talking!
Me (laughs): Oh, yeah, woops…

They asked where I was going. I said Ohio. They both asked, almost simultaneously, Deviancy? (What the hell kind of name for a town is Deviancy? These guys are weird, I thought. Cleveland? No, Yellow Springs. College? Yes, Antioch. Oh, I know Antioch!

I said, “I’ve heard they’ve got one of the best library systems in the country.” “Pshaw!” said 2, who proceeded to go on about how many awards Providence has won, and how people who move away from here move back just for the library… I said I’d need some proof on that last bit.

At that point, 3 came in. 2 asked her, “Don’t people move back to Providence just for the library??” She gave him a Look. “She said that Ohio has one of the best library systems!” he said in an Imagine-That tone. She shrugged. I stated what I knew of the Ohio system, and she nodded. “Ha!” I told 1 and 2. “She’s nodding!”

“That’s because she’s from Ohio! She’s from Deviancy.”
“Oh! So that’s where that came from! I mentioned Ohio and they both said ‘Deviancy’ and I was like, ‘what?!’…” She laughed.

I left shortly thereafter. On my way out, 2 called after me, “If we don’t see you before you go, good luck at school!” with him and 3 waving. “Thank you!” I waved back and said good-bye.

That was so nice :). A very nice fare-thee-well.
I love the library… I definitely will miss it, and regret not having spent more time there. Sure, I went there an awful lot, but mostly to just check stuff out. And within the last few months all I’ve been getting is tapes, so I rarely even venture into their rooms and rooms of shelves, worlds of their own. I remember how I used to get lost in those rooms – quite literally – when I first started going. It’s such an intimidating place, coming from a small, suburban branch. Maybe I’ll move back to Providence, just for the library ;).


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