Fare-Thee-Well… Part One

Saturday night was The Party. The Fare-thee-well Party. It was grand. Many people came to pay their respects in many forms (sounds more like I’m dying than leaving the state until further notice, eh?). One form was in the cards (and money) given to me upon arrival. The above quote is from one card (not written by the writer, but by the card company). Some other personal sentiments went as follows:Have fun in Ohio, bonding with trees and directing scary Irish movies!

Next time we see you, you may be famous! LOL!!

Another form of sentiment was The Book. The Book In Which To Write. I forced everyone to write in a blank book that’s been sporadically used for artwork, poetry, random rants and notes from people. Some examples:

By the daughter of my landlords (“land-family”): It was so awesome having you live upstairs from us! I’m really really glad that I got to know you! You are an awesome person, and I wish you the best of luck in the years to come – I’m sure you’ll do great!

By an old friend of my mother’s whose known me since birth: You are a unique, create, talented woman. It has been fun watching the baby caterpillar emerge into a “butterfly.” You will soar –

By the Hopper daughter, my surrogate family: I’m really gonna miss ya. I love you very much and hope you have a good time at school. I’m really looking forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving. I love you, once again. (She also wrote me a note which she drew around and framed, as a fare-thee-well gift: I’m really going to miss you while you’re away. I’ll be very happy when you come back!)

By the Hopper wife: Sitting here on the veranda of your family’s gracious home, I’m thinking back to when you were a ready, rough and tumble redhead who stole our hearts with your wise child ways. Fare thee ever so well. We love you.

By another old friend of my mother’s whose known me since age 2: It has been a long, strange trip for the quad-Taureans hasn’t it? Bet the next 20 will be even more interesting. Stay true to yourself and prepare for the fight of your life.

By the husband of the latter old friend of my mother’s: This is the last page in your book but… it’s the first chapter in the rest of your life.


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