Thoughts Of The Morrow

I am leaving in 17 days.

I want to take some fun courses and some required courses my first semester.
I want to do work study at the library or newspaper.
(Though Seth wants me to be in Admissions.)
I want to do service in Glen Helen.
I want to be accepting of my fellow students.
An idea to do my first co-op at Coney Island is developing.
Others may be in Norway, Ireland, and Argentina.

I will miss Ri Ra. My mom.
I will miss New York.
I will miss Lauren. And my acupuncturist. And my therapist.
I haven’t talked to anyone else lately.I don’t know what next month will bring, let alone next year.
Sure, some theories, but…
Nothing worthy to entertain for more than a few moments.

For the past few years, I have wanted to settle down a bit.
In location, occupation, mental state, world perspective… anything would suffice.
That will have to be put on hold for another few years.

This time, at least, I can look forward to something, instead of shading my eyes against the prospect of unknown, and often brutal, future.


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