Spiritual Mutants

Excerpts of the latest from Troy:

I think of us as spiritual mutants. The popular conception of mutants is “monsters” but in genetic terms mutations are the vanguard that change the whole species and take it to a higher place. The first fish that developed legs and crawled onto land changed the whole life being. But how do you think that lonely little fish must have felt? She had to leave behind all the things other fish found comfort and meaning in. Not only that, they probably laughed at her because she looked so pathetic “walking” on dry land and sucking in air, her eyes bugging out comically as she looked back over her shoulder/fin at the ocean and all her relatives.

So I’m being silly, but the point is valid. You think she wasn’t neurotic, awkward, and spiritually confused? You think she didn’t ask herself, “Why can’t I just be normal like everyone else, enjoy the things they enjoy? Why can’t I live the life of a fish?”

The answer? You weren’t made to. You were made to go forward. So that’s you Miss V. Are you all right with that? Because if you can become all right with that, with who you are and what you’ve been sent to do, you can live an exciting vibrant life, more full than most will ever dream of.

And here’s the thing–there are others. We’re not the majority yet so don’t expect the world to ever really connect with you. They’re still swimming around wondering what the hell you’re doing walking around up on land. But some will hear you. Some will connect with you. I do. Others will too. And those connections, even if they only last for a season, will be deeper and more meaningful than many people ever experience. And even more important than that, you will come to hear yourself, and to consider that more important than any other thing you can think of. One day you’ll say to the universe, “Thank you for making me so odd and complicated.”


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