i meant for this to be a short timeline of significant things in my life since i began this journal to put on my userinfo page. like everything i write, it became an epic ;).

july—august 2001

last summer was a time for getting sick. in june, i finished my first year of americorps (city year) in newport and providence, ri. due to a sudden income surplus, i was able to volunteer for the city year office and the sloop providence tall ship until my second term of city year started in august. while still in my first term of city year i got a massive throat infection coupled with a sinus infection, which relapsed right after the americorps year ended. at the end of july i went on summer academy, a week-long city year training, in fitchburg, ma with an ear infection. when i came back from a very inspiring summer academy, i got heat stroke while volunteering at the state house. that was on the first day of a intense, week-long heat wave, so i did not even begin to recover until that ended. then, i decided to move. for most of august, i did not volunteer, due to feeling like crap and having to deal with packing and whatnot. at the end of august, i began my second term of city year, and actually talked to people other than staff.

september 2001

while getting used to the new city year, 9/11 caused me to frantically contact my friends and family out there, mourn my second home, and not be able to get a phone line for a week in my new apartment, into which i moved 9/14. i started getting crazy restless at work, due to issues with my supervisors and responsibilities.

october—november 2001

i became seriously disgruntled and began writing poetry and introspective journal entries again. i questioned my future, and discovered antioch college. my mom moved into the zen center.

december 2001

i visited antioch college during the first week of december. i realized i’d found what i was supposed to do next. i applied to the college, got my first tattoo, and began to seriously feel out zen as a way to live life.

january 2002

still disgruntled, and now anxious about my suddenly unstable future, i had several panic attacks before deciding to take a vacation. i spent three days at the zen center, and three days in new york.

february—march 2002

in february i got accepted to antioch, with a huge scholarship (and later, another). march was about being happy and writing a lot.

april—may 2002

at the end of april i turned 21. i don’t remember much else. ;) at that time, things started to get insanely busy at city year, which is always the case. i tried really hard to not get burnt out and disgruntled again, and this time i managed to succeed. at the beginning of may, a weekend in new york – seeing belle and sebastian, a friend’s show, and another friend i hadn’t seen in nearly three years – lifted my spirits and got me prepared for the anticipatedly insane next few months. at the end of may, i began acupuncture treatment for my various health issues. it immediately began to mess with my system.

june—july 2002

insane. june flew by, and somehow still dragged on. i’ve lost all concept of time. city year finished in the middle. on the last day i was given a summer job for city year, as an evaluation consultant. a housesitting job in ct allowed me to take off a week before starting. i am writing this on 7/1. i just ended my first day as evaluation consultant. i can’t believe it’s july. i’m officially going to college NEXT MONTH. eek. i’d better start packing… :)


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