an email from a disgruntled texan

in response to a piece i wrote called “why i hate texas,” some random person that i don’t know sent me this email.

“you hate texas… because of a tiny portion of the state you saw from an airplane. but then you write, ‘texas. figures.’ obviously you had some sort of bias against texas before your aerial sojourn over, from what you describe, sounds like the sparsely populated western region. there’s a lot more to texas than that — although i really shouldn’t have to explain this, should i?

“you probably fancy yourself the type that holds no prejudices, yet you judge the third most populated state in the country on what you could see out of an eight-by-ten-inch window. i shouldn’t stoop to your level, but here it is anyway — i now hate rhode island because of your idiocy.

“*land* here sometime,


my response to him was:

“jeez. what, a person can’t have an opinion anymore?

“i was not even going to respond to this email – as i prefer not to be attacked by someone who doesn’t know me – but then i said, eh, what the hell? :)

“to clarify, my experiences with texas lie in the people i have known who are from there. at the same of writing that piece – which was about 4 years ago – many people in my life were from texas. people who were friends of mine, with whom i exchanged good-natured insults and mocking. we could rag on each other constantly for things we did, attitudes we had, what have you, that were so foreign to the other based on where we came from. hence the piece. it’s more of a parody than anything else. i am sorry that you took so much offense to it, and that you see me as some kind of ‘idiot,’ but the way i see it, that’s really your problem, isn’t it?

“and no, i don’t fancy myself ‘the type that holds no prejudices.’ in fact, i find that more people who do are little more than ignorant hypocrites. i think it’s impossible to hold no prejudices, no judgments on *anything.* we all view the world from our own perspective, our own paradigm, created by our own experiences, and are thus going to have some kind of slant on anything we see.

“but that, of course, is just my opinion. and i hold no illusions of such.

“i would be more than happen to continue this discussion, given that you treat me with a wee bit more respect and do not turn it into a one-sided ranting session.”

. . . .

i’m curious to know… what’s your perspective?

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