a collaboration of consciousness stream

on bar tab paper at the Stone Crow Tavern in NYC

Vee: it’s all about the flow – I continue to write – I continue to listen to this music which is not of my choosing but I am down with RHCP but this song I could do without – I continue to wait as I do write and listen and think wondering what will happen next – I am sure this was poetic at one time but no longer… and once again take a breath

Carl: I need the counter weight of the cap to write well. Now my handwriting (and my mind) is balanced. I could say or ask anything right now. If I want.

Vee: I fill these pages as though they were nothing but imagine if there was no space to waste what would I do then?

Carl: And you smile… the little boy’s room is chock-a-block with greats, rock and soul legends. Candids, staged and press photos of bands and musicians. The common theme I sensed in this viewing is: I don’t give a fuck! (I freely admit this is probably just something I’m thinking or think I should be thinking more – or not thinking at all, just being.) They are just doing what they do. They know they are part of the machine, no doubt. But that awareness allows a special freedom. Surrender. Live.


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