Seeking Shade

it is much cooler
here in the shade
much cooler
than in the glaring sun
of the city streets
the glaring sun
reflecting off concrete
there is no escape
it comes from above and below
the crowded streets
the enclosed blocks
trap the warmth
people swarm
exchanging sweat
perpetuating heat
I look each way
in all four directions
down St. Mark’s
down 2nd
St. Mark’s again
and 2nd again
all I see
as far as my eyes allow
is the same scene
which I am in
teeming heat
bustling sun
intense pedestrians
seeking a destination
everyone around me
is making a beeline
is headed somewhere
but me
I am a sourceless wanderer
milling about
like a lazy dragonfly
slow and deliberate
I have no place to be
no sense of time
no worries
other than the heat

I meander further
noticing each bare, lonely, shadeless tree
they come every block or so
but soon my vision is filled with green
I blink three times
but it is not a mirage
caused by the blinding heat
but rather a park
like the singular trees
is it bare and lonely
but not shadeless
as I enter the false remote wilderness
I blink again
my eyes adjust to the darkness
of the shaded square block
the temperature drops
the wind picks up
I smile
employing my long forgotten outer layer
I continue to walk
I do not need to wander
as the paths wander for me
my heart is elevated
when I see more green
grass and gardens
ponds and frogs
squirrels and birds
the sounds are different
the traffic is muffled
the breeze is enhanced
it is almost like nature
I close my eyes
and imagine it is

After a time
I find a park bench
I take a seat
and a deep wistful breath
I close my eyes
and tilt back my head
and in the shelter of the shade
I dream of the sun


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