my 21st birthday

this was sort of interesting. my mom and i decided to take a wee survey for my 21st birthday (which, for those of you out of the loop, was on monday :)). we decided to, starting the wednesday before, see if places would serve me. (not getting carded is not an issue, as i generally look around 17.)

we went to about 5 different places, from 5 days before my birthday and closer, and each time i got carded, and each time i told them that my birthday was on monday. none of them would serve me. the last place, we went to on sunday night, 4 hours before i was to turn 21… they wouldn’t serve me. i started to get a little bit irked.

now, i understand the law. i know the law doesn’t give a shit about whether or not i turn 21. i do not blame the waitress. or the manager. or even the bloody cops. it’s more the hypocritical mentality of this country – this whole puritanical, we-must-save-our-children crap, and then we go bomb massive amounts of people in many other countries. my mom, the socialist that she is, completely agreed, and we went a-rantin’.

but really, what did i expect? looking back, it was sort of funny. it was just unfortunate and aggravating when i really wanted a drink… and with that last place, i thought i would get served, because we’d been in there a few weeks before, and we’d asked the waitress, and she said if it was her and that close to my birthday, she’d serve me… it wasn’t her, but i thought maybe it was just the mentality of the town (which is upper-class, remote, and small).

but blah blah blah. back to the story. monday night. my birthday. we go out. i order a drink, i don’t get carded. hell, at that point, i’d wanted to get carded! later the same night, same place, different server, i once again don’t get carded. i went out again thursday night, and didn’t get carded.

ironic? bah!

but then, last night at the liquor store, i did get carded… he studied my license, checked his calendar… after a pause, he asked, “4-22?”

heheh. so that’s all. i just found it sort of funny.

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