yay zen

i had a fantastic weekend this weekend.
spent at the zen center.
(which, i realized, is what i will miss the most when i leave.)
mostly with my mom and viktor and darrick and hyon mon sunim.
(hooray for non-americans!)

one of the nicest moments was towards the end, we were driving back from chop’s, where darrick and milek took us out to celebrate my mom and viktor taking the precepts (a.k.a. becoming actual buddhists). in the backseat there was me and sunim and darrick, sunim in the middle. i was half-curled up next to him (i was so tired and sore), with my head either on his shoulder or looking out the window. darrick and sunim would speak to each other in polish. what a language. i would listen. eyes closed or open, it didn’t matter. it was wonderful. i was so comfortable; it was so nice. and the best part was was that it was not only in spite of the fact that i was so close to people, but because of it.

i cannot continue; it defies description.
sunim is leaving in a few weeks. maybe sooner.
darrick, in a few months.
i will miss them tremendously.
and i only met them last week.

also: i repented! and have two incense-burn blisters from chong won sunim to show for it!


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