to shave or not to shave

this is a response to this post by on the subject of shaving:

good for you!!! :)

i love it when people have such realizations… it’s so hard to find people who understand it, especially if they shave… it’s just so conditioned. it was even for me, until about a year or so ago. i hadn’t been shaving my legs terribly often, anyway, and read a few things that made real in my mind the ideas that it was okay to not shave… that i wouldn’t be considered a freak or a hippie or a dyke or a scrub… or whatever else. see, i’ve never really cared one way or another about it, i just didn’t feel like dealing with the bullshit… but now, i don’t mind dealing with the bullshit, because i actually have the support of those who also don’t shave… online, only, i’m sorry to say. i don’t know any girls in real life that don’t shave… and it’s very unfortunate… but at the same time, i’ve grown used to and am secure of my body hair at this point to occasionally show people… whether by accident or intentionally, or if it comes up in conversation… they all find it pretty fascinating, heh. i haven’t gotten too many negative responses. i suppose people just keep them in, though, because they don’t want to hear my ranting on the subject, lol. sometimes people know me better than i think they do… heheh.


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