holiday – “You began your day at a Zen Center and ended it at the BBQ on 42nd Street.”

“You began your day at a Zen Center and ended it at the BBQ on 42nd Street.”

Celia gave me some really hardcore imagery about 9/11, without even getting into anything. We were walking home, and a loud siren passed. We both covered our ears, and when it was gone she said, “It was that, all day long.”After being in the city all day, that struck me with such clarity, such an image of being there, I almost shivered as though remembering. It was that clear. Amazing how a few words, and not the photos and videos and accounts, can really hit home.

Celia and I have talked about it a bit. About how she’s beginning to forget where exactly it was. About the feel of the city – she said it’s returned to normal, but I can still sense a difference. It could be, she suggested, the settling in of a permanent change. When I paused and looked around, it seemed much quieter. That’s all, really. I pretty much expected it to be the same as I remember, and it pretty much is. There are a few extra street vendors selling remembrance souvenirs, not much else. Unless you look past what you see.

This visit is giving me a new reality on the tragedy. A slightly skewed perspective, a slightly intensified return.


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