holiday – viktor, transcendental unity/oversoul

Saw Viktor, talked to him for a while. He is wonderful. I realized that he is like a caricature of a human. Fantastic subject of study. I would like to know him better. I have gotten into some real good, philosophical discussions with him that are inhibited only by his inability to express or understand certain concepts effectively – based on their translation to the English language. Though he does not show it, I know it is extremely frustrating to him – he loves to talk, and to really delve into things, there just reaches a point when he simply cannot. When he does go into things, though, it’s fantastic – he becomes to animated, so passionate, so expressive – in his face, his voice, his movements, and especially his eyes.

I talked to my mom about my thoughts that Kant’s theory of transcendental unity (which Emerson called the Oversoul) was a lot like Buddhism. We came to the conclusion that many philosophies, religious, etc., are all trying to reach the same place, they just call it different things. This is because language simply cannot describe it. As that English chant goes, it says what it is not – because as soon as one attempts to describe it, it is not the truth. Merely an illusion. Created by language. Created by thoughts (“nasty, evil thoughts!”).


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