snow cadence

the snow slowly falls
with its gentle harshness
blanketing the earth
muting the sounds
of the loud quick world
I stand within it
am surrounded by it
it is alive
is encompassing me
around me
about me
through me
within me
I smile and close my eyes
as the wet chill hits my face
I stretch my neck
look upwards
light gleams through my eyelids
the snow gleams through my senses
I quietly swish my feet
to the beat
of the falling sleet
I sing a song
the snow falls along
I look up at the sky
my breath comes in a foggy sigh
the snow comes from oblivion
falling so slowly against the night sky
dropping so softly against the white floor
I hear the music play along
the snow falls slowly to the beat
of the rhythmic bluesy tune
I close my eyes
think of other things
lose the cadence
simply think…
my mind meanders
just like the snow in the sky
but thoughts don’t drop so gracefully
with each snowflake falling
I feel within me
a certain something
a certain bliss
a certain yearning
a certain contentment
a certain emptiness
if only I could share this vision
with the snow falling around us
creating a shelter
the world disappears
all there is is us
and the bluesy tune
I sway with the beat
of snow and music
nature and human
moving in sync
peaceful, steady
as I sway
as do you
the snow comes from one side
your kiss, from another
there is warmth in you
there is beauty in warmth
but there is beauty in snow
and in cold
I am torn
can I have both?
I’d like to
is it possible?
I hope so…
I continue to sway
imaging you’re there
in the empty parking lot
by my house
the snow still falls…


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