A Visit to Antioch College

I awoke at 7:30 – my interview being at 9:30, I did not stay in bed. I got up, took my time getting ready, and headed over to the caf where I ate and wrote.

After both, when JF came in, I went to say hey to her. I sat with the group for about 10 minutes, then headed over to the Admissions Office.

I ended up talking to this guy – a prospective, a nicely older one – on the way, who had noticed my writing. When we got there, our interviews were shortly after. I made arrangements for a ride to the airport before going into SG’s office.

The first thing he did was show me his City Year stuff – diploma, corps photo, and team photo. Our interview was simply a dialogue about me, my interests, his route there, my route there, and ended with his telling me that I “had to come here,” that I was an “ideal candidate,” and that he would help me in any way he could to get there! It was fantastic. Walking back to my room, I almost cried I was so happy. SG is incredible – I made such a connection with him in such a short time, and he understood even my most jumbled blatherings – which fortunately were very limited, because I felt comfortable enough around him to say exactly what I felt, what I meant, without trying to either dodge an issue or find a better way to explain something.

And it just amazed me how quickly he came to his assessment – our similar paths (City Year, SP, unsureness about education, feeling distant and unconventional) I’m sure helped – and it felt absolutely wonderful to know that I will again be graced with such a great advocate!

Afterwards, I joined the last half of the General Sociology class, which turned out to be the only class I visited because I found JF at lunch and we spent the rest of the day together, heading to town to check out the indie book stores. I ended up going on a bit of a shopping spree: a long skirt of the most wonderful material, a pair of cloves made of a different but just as wonderful material, the first Dork anthology, and an Antioch batting shirt purchased at the campus store.

I know I should have gone to more classes – there were three on my list – but I really wanted to hang out more with JF and see town. Got some more great photos and exchanged email address (and journal entries) with JF.

When we got back from town it was four; she was scheduled to leave at 4:30, I at five. We got our stuff and hung out in Admissions, and she left. We hugged, said good-byes, keep in touch, etc. It was grand. I love that shit – and it happens so bloody infrequently. She had mentioned that she really wanted to travel more, and I gave her an invitation to come and visit me, which she seemed really into. She knows the area a bit – has family in CT. I said we’d do Providence, Boston, and NY, heh.

I left soon after. Got a ride from MM, Dean of Admissions, with whom I talked the entire hour-plus ride about a lot of things ranging from web design, landscapes, cities, cultural differences, RI (he knows it a bit), Norway (his wife’s Norwegian, her whole family’s there, and he went to visit a few months ago), etc. Good stuff. I was thinking about how Melody was telling me that MM intimidated her because of his “status at the school.” As you know, that is never an issue with me. It’s not as though I have a problem with authority; I simply don’t have the mentality of hierarchy. This can cause what one might consider a “problem with authority” – especially if that authority is even remotely incompetent – but it’s definitely a good thing because I can connect with and be comfortable around those with such “status” in a way that many people can’t. More so, in fact, that I often can with my peers; I have always preferred the company of adults to my peers.

And so here I am. I told everyone I’d be back. That as far as I was concerned, I was already there. :)


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