A Visit to Antioch College

At about eight I went for a walk and got some nice pictures. Was tired as hell so I took a nap before heading over to the Admissions Office with Melody. SG greeted us, and he at once – upon hearing my name – knew who I was. I don’t even remember telling them specifically that he was the one who introduced me to Antioch, but he knew nonetheless. He had probably just assumed it.

I got some coffee – eek! I felt like so much shit I had to, and it was wonderful, and I don’t regret it even remotely – and sat down with Melody and SG and talked for a bit. SG was telling Melody about his visit to City Year – how he showed up late, was really quick and ran out, and “boosted his ego” something awful. I replied, yeah, it’s all true, but it was good nonetheless! I told him of the positive response his talk begot, and how I would be sort of the ambassador of others who were interested but hadn’t acted as quickly.

He left soon, saying “I’ll see you tomorrow” (I’ll have an interview with him), and Melody ran off because a friend of hers had arrived. I talked to this student named Stephanie who was doing a co-op in town while staying on campus. I really enjoyed talking to her but had to join the rest of the prospies after a while – all but three had arrived that day and were getting acclimated into their rooms, which is how I got to talk to Stephanie for as long as I did.

I made my way over to the Inn where the Orientation was held. There I met the prospies and some faculty during the Open House part of it – after the basic run-down of the program and educational philosophy, they had tables set up for the majours with a faculty person, where you could sit and learn more about that majour.

I of course table-hopped. I inquired about, firstly, the language and cross-cultural requirements they have. The school is established in countries around the world for studying abroad, but not in Scandinavia. I asked if I could sort of design my own experience in that realm, and he said of course!, that although they didn’t have set programs in every country, they had contacts in most of them that could help with that sort of thing. Which is fantastic.

I sat in on Self, Society, & Culture (Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology) with no specific question; on History, Philosophy, & Religious Studies asking about transcendentalism studies; and spent the rest of my time on Literature & Creative Writing talking to a professor named Jean – about whom I’d already heard such awesome things – about the course, my own activities, books, and movies. It was grand. When I looked up, everyone was gone.

That’s happened a lot, heh.

I eventually made it over to the caf. That’s where they all were. I sat with a lot and made some connections. Emily I met first, who’s from NY (on the MA border) – she seems really cool but I haven’t gotten to talk to her too much. JF is the one with whom I have connected the most – she’s 18, a senior in high school, from near Philly. I would definitely love to keep in touch with her.

After dinner we headed back to our rooms for a bit. The official program for the day was over; some extra stuff was going on, starting at seven, and it was six so we all decided to walk aimlessly around campus looking for – well, anything really. At seven the community introduction part went down, which was sort of blah. I left a bit early to my room for a few, and when I got back everyone was gone again.

By then it was just before eight, and there was a play at eight, so I decided to walk around and try to find the theatre building without a map – I was lazy, and sort of knew where it was.

Surprisingly still, I found it, just as everyone was seating. I found JF, Emily, and a few others, and sat with them.

The play was great – nothing terribly spectacular, of course, but cute, well-done, and in most cases well-acted. It caused me to miss theatre something awful, and reinforced my plans for getting involved in the department if I go.

After the play, everyone wanted to get pizza. Four went out, JF and I played a few video games, and eventually found the rest later. The pizza was really late – I went to bed just before it arrived; good thing I wasn’t hungry and hadn’t put money in – so we just ended up hanging out. I wasn’t digging the high school mentality too much – it made me both frustrated and envious – so off to bed I went at about midnight, but not before checking out which classes I would attend on Monday.

. . . .

“It is easier to stab someone in the back than it is to look someone in the eye.
“Society is built on this principle, and it is universal amongst those who rule…”

– Antioch bathroom (free-reign graffiti floor of the Student Union)


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