A Sigh Caused

She blinks
To herself

Her hands
The sides of his stomach
Meet in the center

The back of her fingertips
Barely brushing
Travel upwards

Tight skin clenched
A steady pace
She hears no sound
Not a breath

Upward upward they continue
Turn inward
The pads of her fingers
Form a half moon
Skim outward
To his round shoulders

Feels sweet in her hands
Fine hairs mixing
With the sweat
Glistening glowing in the gloomy light
Pulsing softly
Steady with his heart

Pleasant wafts
Awaken senses
Through her fingertips
She feels a shiver
Her breath
Closing in
On his skin

Her lips lightly press
The soft flesh
Below his neck
She lingers

Finally he sighs
A faltering sigh


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