just finished carn. good lord; that patrick mccabe is bloody talented. i might just go out tomorrow to get another of his books instead of waiting until monday! i know i will be haunted if i don’t…

here’s a bit from the back of the book that i like:

“With unsparing clarity and luminous prose, Patrick McCabe has created in Carn a microcosm of Ireland, of lives fueled by dreams, shaped by tragedy; a magnificent novel by a writer of awesome gifts.”

and some quotes from the book:

“…Anything was preferable to facing the thoughts her own mind thrust upon her. She just wanted away from what waited inside herself.”

“He went on to say that people had now too much money. Too much of everything. They were like tigers who having once tasted blood, were now mad for more. More of everything… He quotes statistics from other European countries and alluded to life-styles propogated by the glossy magazines and the seamier English dailies. ‘We are on a slippery slope,’ he concluded darkly.”

“The country, he said, was under attack from forces that were all the more formidable because they were in many cases, unseen. Great changes had taken place in Carn and in many other small towns throughout the country, almost without us realising it. Once upon a time, in communities such as this one, there was such a thing as the common good. The personal interests of the individual were secondary in the past to what was perceived to be the good of the community as a whole. But now, all that has changed. People are only interested in what society has to offer them. They are not concerned with what they might be able to do for the community. We have become a selfish, irresponsible, materialistic society. We are not longer a caring people. The decay has already set in in many areas of life in this country. Already we are seeing the signs of internal collapse that have so visibly affected other countries – broken homes, crime, greed.”


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