Someone complimented my writing today.

Someone complimented my writing today. Sincerely, and specifically. And in regards to two pieces which most people think strange. Two pieces which cause most people to say (or think): “You’re so… weird,” using “weird” when they can’t think of anything else.

It started like that. With her saying, “You’re so…” getting stuck, and then she finished, “…good!” I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting “weird.”



“…Well, thanks! I wasn’t expecting that!”

“Why not?”

And so I explained it to her.

She said how she wished she could express herself like that. That she wished she could be creative like that. It was so nice, to hear it.

I really needed to.

I’ve been having some issues with my writing lately. And of course, whenever I have such issues, reservations about anything, anything I’ve done in the past gets completely disregarded.

And I still have issues with my current writing, but her response to some of my older pieces (from ’95 and ’99) helped to reaffirm my confidence in my talent/calling as a whole. Whereas previously, I was sort of in the zone that nothing I’d ever written has really been worth anything.

Solely because I haven’t been writing for crap lately.

Sounds ridiculous, eh? It does to me, now that I’ve actually written it out. But at the time, it feels 100% legitimate.


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