just finished jane hamilton’s disobedience. quite awesome. i love being introduced to new, good authors. makes me glad that i actually read something other than stephen king ;). i guess i stick to king because it’s a sure bet – i’m such a writer/reader snob that often i’d rather not even risk being disappointed. but with this one, and of course the butcher boy, i think it’ll get me past that, at least until i get disappointed again ;).

quotes from disobedience:

“Watching my mother play the piano is at once to be let in to observe an intimacy and also to sense a wide world, an expansiveness I would not begin to know how to name. In spite of the movement going through her body and the lyricism or tumult coming from the keyboard, when I picture my mother playing the piano, I think of a stillness, a pinprick of a place inside her that is profoundly still. I wonder if a sublime quietness is at the heart of creation. If I have made up that concept, if it is way off the mark, it is only because I learned to imagine it from watching her.”

“All day and much of the night music drifted through the trees, and although I did not admit to listening, I actually thought that, in a way, there was nothing quite like the quaint melodies, the two violins, an oboe, weaving in and out of my mother’s rhapsodic interpretations of the old tunes. Now and then it made me wish I’d been born in a quieter era, if there is such a thing. At least born in the 1950s, when I could have grown up with the sweetness of the Paris Sisters, the Everly Brothers, and the Shirelles. But I was born in my own time, and I’ve logged more than enough hours with the music I was supposed to claim. That is how I know then, as my birthright, that there are no simple hopes that are not false. That pure happiness, for one, is a fatuous concept. That is also why I continue to believe in simple hopes, why I take it upon myself to resist, when I remember to, the ironic detachment all of us came with who were born or raised during the Reagan era.”


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